I know you still think of me

I know you leave me flowers at my feet
when I sleep

I know you stroke my cheek
underneath your eyelids

I know my name tiptoes behind you
like a stray dog yearning for a home

I know you have to write me a poem
before you can fall asleep at night

I know you never send me these poems

I know you never try

Try for me,

I know


How to Take Care of Two

I like the way you walk
with an intersection
spine & hips

Each trying to get where
(s)he’s going
in opposing directions
but the traffic lights
are broken
and they must
wait for each other,
so you accommodate
them both by
swaying when you
walk straight

People look at you as if
you’re a terrible dancer
but you just laugh with them
because they’re the ones
who need to find partners
when you’re already
a duet

Your skin never learned
how to take care of two
so she tends to forget
to cover up one or the other
when it’s time to get
tucked in
but you still
kiss her good night
and tell her
she’s doing a
great job

I like that
I like the way you walk
with an intersection and
a smile driving both ways


we are


a generation
obsessed with
the birth of
synchronized mouths
and the suicide of
giving a fuck

we groupthink
and slaughter the

our souls
so we can
save on gas

the bus allows
for more opinions
to be drowned
into a drone

and we like our
chances of
making it
as one bullet
in a massacre


The Secret: Uncovered

Victoria’s Secret does not carry my bra size
which translates as

"You are not Victoria"
"Your bra size is not a secret"

But I am the most Victoria of all Victorias
and my bra size is a secret
(read below to uncover the secret)

You see, Victoria is a woman
and I am a woman
and hey - would you look at that!
you don’t know my bra size

And apparently the bra store
of all bra stores
does not know my bra size either

So there’s that

Hint: Victoria doesn’t know


Feral Teeth

She squeezes into her skin
each morning like her race
squeezes into skinny jeans,
laying on the bed and
kicking into the air,
forcing organs to

stop playing around
this is serious business

The top half is like overalls
and she has to make sure
to clip herself in
on both sides
before she can leave
because daddy doesn’t
like it when she
exposes herself

Of course,
that’s the only time
we’ll look at her -
when her skeleton
is peaking out and we
can see the imprints
of feathers,
as if a bird crashed into
her and left its final mark
on her hardened spine

When she’s all zipped up
it’s as if she’s one of us
except for the
having no veins part -
there’s nothing she can
do about that

Rumor has it she’s a stray
but we can never be too sure



We loved with the blues
and tired with the reds

We rose with the blacks
and sank with the whites

We united smiles with stains
and linked frowns with glows

We chose what beauty was
and created the damage still


Instructions for Knowing Peace

Learn the rhythms
of sunlight
and rain flight

Dance the duet


The Language Student

Your foreign verbs change over time
used so often they become

And I am stuck
relying on the irregularity
to remind me just how foreign you are



He wants to see a full body shot

She says
Look at my body of work
It will paint the picture


You Too, Evolving

If words couldn’t transform
gay marriage would mean
happy marriage

Not believing in gay marriage
would then mean
not believing in happy marriage
you would believe that
marriage makes people unhappy

If words couldn’t transform
anyone not believing in gay marriage
would not want to get married
because they would not want to be unhappy
(unless they liked being unhappy)

But a word can transform, and does
One generation, it will be sitting
at the top of the tree,
admiring the earth’s beauty
The next generation, it will be
the stump of the tree,
beauty never acknowledged
no matter how beautiful it may be

And another word will take its place

But if something so simple
as a word can transform,
imagine what an idea can do



I wonder,
Does a writer need a muse?

I have thousands
but not one of them
is you

If I twist their colors around
and form your palette

Will you surface?



Suspect: insane,
assault rifle in possession,
ready to fire
if anyone tries to take away
his rights

Potential victim: cop,
currently chasing suspect,
ready to die
if anyone tries to take away

Outcome: processing…


Skipping Ghosts

I only want to
write about you

but you are a ghost
leaving roses at my feet
when I sleep

whispering that
I’ll be okay

as long as I
don’t look for you


The Secret Soul

You don’t let anyone hear you sing
but that day in the car
when you thought everyone was asleep
I awoke to find you clutching the wheel
tears streaming down your cheeks
trying to sing through the tears but
only getting every fifth word out

It was like you were
letting your soul out
for a few minutes’ rest

You parked the car and woke us
Put on your sunglasses and
you were back to being
something else
but ever since that day
I’ve always equated

and I just want to hear
your song once more
so I can try to understand why
you don’t let anyone hear you sing


A Writer in Latin

In Latin:
turbam opto
turbae urbas verborum orant
pontum volo dare

In English:
I desire a crowd
Crowds beg for waves of words
I want to give them the ocean

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